Thursday, March 16, 2006

Canadian Corruption pt 77

Canadian politics are what we would have if our MSM had the disproportionate influence they have in Canada. Take the former Privacy Commissioner George Radwanski. (The post is an independent officer of Parliament who serves as advocate for privacy rights of Canadians.)

Radwanski is facing criminal charges for, as the Toronto Star put it, an expense audit and suggests the fraud was $5,000.   It's a little more than that.  It was gross mismanagement.  A 2003 audit found $500,000 misspent.  By Canadian standards of public corruption, this was small indeed, compared to the Gun Registry ($2 Billion) and the Ad scandal ($250 milliona nd counting) and the forced resignations of a number of government appointees.  But the pettiness was typical of many of Chretien's appointments and the reaction of the Liberals typical as well.  They insisted that censure was enough.

And who was George Radwanski, who was so assiduous about protecting Canadian's privacy?   He was a former Toronto Star editor-in-chief. &nbwp; And a tax cheater even while the Toronto Star editorialized about "abusive government powers" to track down, ah, tax cheaters.

And he defines Liberal arrogance.

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