Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Peter Pan Press

If you wonder why journalists are dumb as cow chips, check out this quote.
I'm afraid what this says is that the future of newspapers depends more on people who care about profit than (journalism's) community responsibility,' said Naughton, who retired in 2003 as president of the Poynter Institute, the school for journalists that owns the St. Petersburg Times.
Knight Ridder was $2 billion in debt. THAT is why they had to sell, pushed by stockholder rebellion at the continued fiscal incompetence of management.

Journalists like to think that if you spent more money, newspapers would sell. That is the same self-delusion practiced by schools who insist that if there were just more teachers, smaller classrooms, etc, we could expect miracles. But we know it doesn't work. If it did work, the infusion of court-mandated billions into Kansas schools would have made them the best in the country. It didn't.

Our Peter Pan Press needs to grow up.

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