Saturday, December 09, 2006

United Nations Irrelevance? and MADD misdeeds

When the notoriously leftwing Toronto Star says the new United Nations Human Rights Council is "flirting with `irrelevancy'" and questions whether they are even necessary, you know the Council is so flagrant even the most leftwing can no longer deny it.
With a range of experts already monitoring human rights, some critics question whether a human rights council made up of governments, which have their own political axes to grind, can make any useful contribution to improving rights worldwide.
Indeed. In fact, some of the world's worst offenders are on that council. But the last one was the same way, which would lead any reasonable person to ask if the problem was institutional. That the Toronto Star doesn't even consider it really confirms it.

The Toronto Star has been busy investigating the charity MADD (Mothers against Drunk Drivers) Canada and finds "most of the high-profile charity's money is spent on fundraising and administration, leaving only about 19 cents of each donor dollar for charitable works."
Donors across Canada gave $5.4 million over the last year when the charity's telemarketers called. MADD's financial statements show 76 per cent ($4.1 million) was kept by the telemarketer. Part of the remaining 24 per cent ($1.3 million) was eaten up by other charity expenses such as administration, leaving little for good works.
Amazingly, the "charity" charges schools $800 a multimedia presentation on the dangers of drinking and driving. They make $100,00 profit a year on the presentation.

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