Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Joys of Marxism

The Joys of Marxism - Zimbabwe.
ZIMBABWE has the highest inflation and lowest life expectancy in the world, not to mention the highest percentage of orphans. So desperate is the shortage of food that President Robert Mugabe’s own guards have been spotted shooting squirrels in Harare’s Botanical Gardens.
Of course, the media is doing their part by not mentioning that Mugabe is a Marxist reviving the Pol Pot dream delusion.

Only rarely does the media refer to Mugabe's commitment to his Marxist ideals, as in this 2002 BBC item. Few mention his racism , the almost constant violence, insane agrarian reform, and the deliberate policy of famine to stay in power. The fact that he is anti-West, anti-White, anti-capitalism, anti-colonial, and anti-American are good enough for the media to reward him with the silence they accorded Pol Pot. And help shield him and Kim Il-sung from condemnation.

Deliberate famine is a not new as a political instrument. In modern times, the Cultural Revolution and the Politics of Famine comes to mind. It, too, was blandly dismissed by the MSM. As was the deliberate famine encouraged by Stalin that was dismissed by New York Times William Duranty.
Duranty was not a communist or even blind to the Soviet excesses; he simply excused the forced labor camps, property seizures, and political purges as measures necessary to drive a backward country into the twentieth century. "You can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs," was a phrase many remembered Duranty using to excuse Soviet tactics...
But Duranty did more than equivocate; he repeatedly cast doubt on whether the famine was taking place, relying on scarcely more than official Soviet press reports. In so doing he allowed himself to become a vehicle of Soviet propaganda.
The media are still vehicles for evil. In Zimbabwe. In Rwanda. In North Korea. In Iran. In Darfur. And every despotic regime in the world they can't bring themselves to criticize.

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