Saturday, December 23, 2006

Gosh, what a surprise

Daily Mail (UK) headline: "Blackmail fear after Russia doubles the price of its gas"

FACT: Moscow forced Georgia to accept a doubling of gas prices and has warned Turkey not to help Georgia.

REALITY: No one really gives a darn about Georgia, especially in the EU (pronounced EWWWWW)

FEAR: The EU (pronounced EWWWWW) currently gets 25% of their gas supplies from Russia and Russia is taking over gas distribution as well. And then there's:
Similar price rise demand led to massive cuts in Russian supplies to Ukraine in January.
This also reduced the amount of Russian gas reaching Europe, prompting some European leaders to question the continent's reliance on Russia as its major supplier.
Did anyone expect otherwise? Of course they did. Socialists always think they are infallible. It comes from a combination of hubris and ignorance, with the latter the reason why they are Socialists to begin with.

Of course, the useful idiots among them will argue for even closer ties to Russia, the theory being that friendship will prevail over economic interests. It's more succinctly put by the mafia as "honor among thieves" because it takes some collusion to even make the relationship acceptable in the first place. And while it never worked for the Mafia either, Socialists are, at heart, suckers for invented history and self-delusion. Besides, let's be honest. They are thieves who hope to get theirs and then emigrate when things get really bad.

But that's the EU (pronounced EWWWWW) for you. And those Socialists are Howard Dean's friends.

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