Monday, December 11, 2006

Drudge Falling Down on the JOB

Drudge has been running "Diana bugged by U.S. " story now for three days. It's tedious. And incomplete. The report also said that Henri, the driver, worked for French Intelligence Services. Which means, what????

It means Drudge is missing the really BIG stories in Europe.

As much as we complain about bureacratic stupidity, you only have to read about the EU (pronounced EWWWWWW) to feel slightly better. Deutsche Welle reported in November that since each EU country was entitled to have a commissioner, when Romania joins in January, they had to create a new post for the Romanian representative.

Leonard Orban (above right) will be the First Commissioner for Multilingualism. "English is not enough," Orban said. "Multilingualism is good for businesses and competitiveness." And then there is the gender-sensitive issue of language to consider. Uh yeah.

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