Friday, December 22, 2006

British Spy Arrested

A UK soldier has been arrested on has appeared in court accused of passing secrets to Iran.

Daniel James was an interpreter for NATO commander in Afghanistan General David Richards.
As an interpreter for the British general who commands some 30,000 NATO troops in Afghanistan, James would be privy to highly sensitive military and political information.

The charges are likely to embarrass Richards, the first British general to command a large force of U.S. troops since World War Two. Richards has been commander of NATO troops in Afghanistan since July 31 this year when the alliance assumed responsibility for peacekeeping across the whole of the country
James "is the first person to be charged with spying under Britain's Official Secrets Act since an MI5 officer was jailed for 23 years in 1984 for passing secrets to the Soviet Union."

The Mirror reported that James was a former salsa dancing teacher and nightclub owner. That could explain a lot.

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mjs said...

I have made contact with Daniel James, and I am trying to help him to obtain a fair trial. As I also went through a prosecution and trial under the UK's Official Secrets Act, I know that this process is very biased against the defendant. More details are available on my blog: