Sunday, December 24, 2006

Blogs for the MSM (pre-selected)

While the media derides bloggers, they're very, very busy creating and filtering blogs they can quote. And to help them, Reuters has just invested heavily in Pluck Corporation with their "BlogBurst capabilities".

What's that, you ask?

Well, first there is the "Editorial team: Our in-house editors manage the recruitment, filtering and maintenance of high-quality focused blogs." who will "Discover great blogs with sophisticated search and browsing tools. Pick a blog knowing it has been reviewed by our Editorial staff." [Emphasis mine.]

Best of all, they will "Leverage posts to show up as long-life content for evergreen topics." Whatever the hell that means. (The Washington Post, we are told, uses Environment blogs for their site, and leverages advertising and sponsorship opportunities around environmentally friendly products for Your Life Is Green.)

In other words, they find and/or create and pay pre-selected blogs for the media. And, trust me -- as the girl says in the Nutrisystem ad -- they will, miraculously, agree with the MSM opinion.

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