Friday, December 29, 2006


A new Ipso-AP poll has been released just in time for those year-end stories.

It's the Celebrity Ranking Poll Link

It is worth reading if only because it is reported so widely that president Bush topped the list for biggest villain of the year with 25%. He's was the first name on the list of 32 read to those interviewed.

The runner ups are worth looking at.
The second biggest villain was Don't Know/Not Saying at 20%.
Don't know/Not Saying Other also came in third with 15%.
So, overall, Don't Know/Not Saying/Other was the overall winner at 35%.

Biggest Hero of the Year
The DK/NS (27%) and OTHER (25%) also beat out all contenders for the biggest hero of the year as well. (Although at 13% Bush headed the list and beat out both Clintons at 1% each and Jesus Christ at 3%. Jesus tied with Barack Obama.)

By the time they got to Question #3 about the Best Role Model Celebrity of the Year and the Question #4 Worst Role Model Celebrity of the Year, respondents apparently cut off the pollsters because the Role Model questioners didn't read 7 names for Best category and didn't read 5 names for the Worst category. We can only guess that respondents at that point got very tired, probably figuring they'd been conned into responding to a bogus, politically- motivated poll.

The poll interviewed 1,044 adults, some 77% (779) of them registered to vote. They represent 60% Democrat/Independent and 27% Republican, although at this point I do not know why any Republican would respond to a media poll. As for religious, 21% identify themselves as None.

IPSO is a French firm with HQ in Paris.
AP is owned by member newspapers and their loyalities are in Paris and Iran.

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