Monday, December 11, 2006

Palestinian Self-rule

Radio Netherlands is reporting
Palestinian gunmen in the Gaza Strip have shot dead three children of a senior al-Fatah official. The three boys, aged six, seven and eight, were being dropped off at school in a car when the shooting occurred. Two other children in the schoolyard were injured. The killings are thought to be part of the escalating conflict between the ruling Hamas movement and President Mahmoud Abbas' al-Fatah movement.
They were the children of Colonel Baha Balousha. An adult bystander is also reported to have died in the attack. New York Times: Balousha escaped an attack by gunmen in September, Palestinians said.

Mr. Balousha is regarded as one of the figures involved in a Palestinian Authority crackdown against Hamas members a decade ago, and he has been at odds with Hamas (the radical Islamic group that currently heads the government) for some time, Palestinians said.

Palestinians voted for these guys, folks.

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