Thursday, June 01, 2006


If ANY Republican had even remotely suggested that Bill Clinton should be shot between the eyes, let alone at a college commencement speech, the media would have a fit.

But since it is was the New York State Comptroller making the offensive remarks, it's perfectly all right, I suppose.   He apologized afterwards.   Not to the graduates for injecting politics in their commencement.   Not to the parents and friends attending the commencement for his rudeness and crassness at what should have been a happy moment.   Not to the Queens College for making fools of them for having invited him in the first place.   He apologized to Chuck Schumer, and "hoped his apology reached President Bush."

This despicable Democrat is all too typical of that party.   On Wednesday they unamimously endorsed his bid for a second term as New York State Comptroller.   Such people cheapen their offices, discredit their party, demean themselves, and insult their audiences.   And I will just bet that his political donations will triple in the coming weeks.

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