Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sucking the base dry

From, a list of the 2004 losers that KOS funded to the tune of "$547,157.97 of donated money, squandered on the basis of the mass trust placed in Moulitsas by his readers."

Ben Konop -- Lost
Dan Mongiardo -- Lost
Richard Romero -- Lost
Samara Barend -- Lost
Jeff Seemann -- Lost
Nancy Farmer -- Lost
Ginny Schrader -- Lost
Jan Schneider -- Lost
Lois Murphy -- Lost
Jim Newberry -- Lost
Brad Carson -- Lost
Tony Knowles -- Lost
Stan Matsunaka -- Lost
Richard Morrison -- Lost

As for 2004, it looks like its a 1-19 score.

It's a public battle between the visible Left epitomized by KOS and the state Democrat party structures.   It serves a great purpose in sucking up money from the far Left who otherwise might actually accomplish something.

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