Friday, June 02, 2006

Selfish bastards

The UK journalists union is calling for a boycott of Yahoo for their alleged actions in China.

Google is not being boycotted for having done the exact same thing.   Nor MSN for cooperating with Chinese authorities..   Oddly, China isn't being criticized for their actions in supressing freedoms.   No average Chinese citizens are named as being detained, questioned, or arrested.   NOOOOOO   The high-minded journalists are protesting information that Yahoo allegedly gave to Chinese authorities about -- journalists -- those Super Citizens who are above the laws.

I don't recall journalist unions protesting the imprisonment of 87 in Cuba for having spoken out about freedom and wanting to distribute books.   I seem to have missed their outrage over the threats in Venezuela against newspapers that criticize Chavez.   I must have skipped reading the day(s) they protested arrests in the Soviet Union for speaking your mind or writing your thoughts online.   And surely they wrote about newspapers closed in Egypt for their views that differed from the governments?

Makes you so happy to know 170 Washington Post employees were let go, doesn't it?   Selfish bastards all of em.

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