Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Inconvenient Facts

This is why newspapers continue on a slide to irrelevance.   In advocating that newspapers should write editorials to advocate gay marriage, Joe Strupp of Editor & Publisher, the newspaper industry journal, writes
The gay marriage debate has wasted time, energy and effort long enough. It barely shows up in a list of issues that concern Americans in a Gallup Poll released in the past week. And the current proposal for a constitutional ban on gay marriage may be the height of abuse.
So the fact that an issue in a snapshot poll isn't of immediate concern to people, should be an excuse to advocate gay marriage?

If you think that's what the poll says, you would be wrong.   In fact, as reported in the Editor & Publisher, some 51% of Americans say homosexuality is morally wrong.   Their source? -- a Gallup poll dated 6 days ago. I guess the social activists at E&P think Americans want to reward that immorality nonetheless.

Typical of Editor & Publisher, they do not link to the latest Gallup Poll.   And they certainly wouldn't want you to read this Pew poll on gay marriage.

And those preserve marriage amendments that passed in 11 states?   Even states where Democrats are the majority of registered voters?   That would be just too inconvenient a truth for Editor & Publisher.

Of course, E&P that covers the American newspaper industry so assiduously is -- Dutch owned.   It is a company with some interesting holdings and history and ambitions.   And talk about your odd connections.   The investor group that recently caused VNU to reconsider an acquisition and moved the company CEO to resign, incudes CalPers - the California public employees pension fund.   And recently Google joined NVU in a targeted ad deal.

Small world, huh?   Of course, the Netherlands is the only - the only - country in the world where a pedophile political party is being formed, so I guess we can expect differing moral stances.   And we have nothing, absolutely nothing, in common with a country that legalizes drugs to enslave their citizens and encourages euthanasia to rid themselves of the ill and the old.  

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