Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Canadian Newspaper Reaction

There is no greater contrast between reality and the shabby politicalization of MSM newspapers to be found than by comparing the Globe & Mail editorial to the Toronto Star editorial on terrorism in Canada.

Globe and Mail (Behind subscription wall):
The fear card has been dealt -- and Harper will play it
The uncovering of the alleged terrorist plot is a hair-raising alert for Canadians that will create new stresses in our multicultural fabric and ratchet up support for the law-and-order conservatism of Stephen Harper.
Toronto Star editorial:
Time to challenge Muslim extremists
But there are fundamental values expressed in our Charter of Rights that are not negotiable, that represent who we are as a society. As Harper rightly said yesterday in the House of Commons, "terrorists and the people they represent stand for nothing but hatred."

In the coming days, Canadians must strive to avoid a possible backlash to the arrests. To do that, the onus will be on all of us. But the key will be the Muslim community itself. Individuals must accept responsibility for developments and alienation in parts of the diverse Muslim community.
Oddly enough, it was the Globe & Mail who endorsed Stephen Harper in the last election.

Canadians will, of course, make up their own minds over which newspaper is more responsible.

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