Wednesday, May 31, 2006

European Passivity

That peculiar European passivity in the face of looming tragedy is once again evident in Europe.   Content to allow the EU courts to trump their nation-state laws passed by duly elected representatives, now Europeans are sitting on the sidelines while the European Commission conducts raids, not in response to and legal retaliation for wrongdoing, but in search of evidence they hope to find.

The European Commission raided energy companies in Germany this week "amid suspicions" they were in breach of EU anti-trust rules.   No court order.   No probable cause required.   This was a follow on after raids on 20 energy companies in six EU contries for the vague charge that they had "abused their dominant market positions."   Not, mind you, in response to evidence that companies had colluded to raise prices or other such shenanigans.   No such evidence is necessary in a police state.   And, that, sadly is the current direction Europe is taking while passive citizenry sits out another provocation to their political will.

And this is how the media, those champions of freedom, those intrepid purveyors of truth see it.
The commission's actions are further evidence of the prime attention to energy issues being paid by EU governments in response to high oil prices and the price dispute in January between Russia and Ukraine that temporarily cut off gas deliveries to some EU states.
For your own good, you see.

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