Monday, January 23, 2006

Canadian Elections

What to say about the Canadian elections? It is long past time the Liberals were rebuked for their corruption. They were not, however, reprimanded by the media. Not the Globe and Mail, not the Toronto Star, not the CBC, not the self-professed seekers of truth - journalists. The Liberals probably could have won this election if it weren't for the ineptness of Paul Martin, a man of extraordinary ordinariness, who barely won his last election, and that, only because of a defector crossed the aisle. Certainly the Globe and Mail, who endorsed Stephen Harper, did not make a difference. They just read the tea leaves (thru their daily polls) and decided they didn't want to be on the wrong side of history, unlike the Toronto Star (publishers of Harlequin romance books) who help keep Toronto on the Third World status column.

No, Liberal will go jail for the $2 billion gun registry scam. No Liberal has been sent to trial for the Adscam scam. Nope. The Canadian media will not press for accountability. Nevertheless, the Liberals did not win this election. Paul Martin will not be Prime Minister. And that is a very good thing. If, like me, you strongly suspect that poor, inept Paul Martin was really promoted by his party to the PM office in order to try to clean up the financial records from the Chretien administration, he was a complete and utter dunce. His only real danger was that he was prey to every halfwit anti-American in his party. But anti-Americanism did not win the election for Schroder and it did not win the big one for Martin either.

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