Saturday, November 18, 2006

Why tryrants love the UN

By a vote of 77-62 with 26 abstentions, a UN human rights committee voted a draft resolution to go to the Genral Assembly to "discourage UN human rights bodies from condemning any country on human rights." The resolution was sponsored by Belarus and Uzbekistan, both serial human rights violaters. John Bolton had some choice words.
The new Human Rights Council in Geneva, which earlier this year replaced the discredited Human Rights Commission, has met three times to pass resolutions condemning Israel but hasn't dealt with human rights in Myanmar, North Korea or Sudan, Mr. Bolton said.
Of course not. When even the notoriously leftwing Human Rights Watch condemns Belarus, and warns of the abuse by Uzbekistan, you know they are outrageous in their violations.

They, no doubt, feel right at home at the United Nations.

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