Thursday, November 30, 2006


OOPS Oprah hasn't been doing very well lately. There was James Frey and her on-then-off defense of him, and then Dr. Phil, another Oprah find. And then there was Twyana Davis. You might remember her- she wrote Sacred Womb, a book about her experiences, and appeared on television's 20/20 and Oprah. That was before it turned out that the child she had after a supposed rape turned out to be the result of the rape of her own 12-year-old cousin. She's now officially a sexual predator and doing 10-25. But she still has a page at Oprah's website.

Now there's the Angel of Soweto who, well, isn't. A recent South African documentary revealed the extent of the fraud as the Guardian reports. Oprah's Angel, apparently, had frequent brushes with the law.   And her school isn't exactly what it appears.

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