Friday, November 03, 2006

European News

Paris airport staff included some 72 who were suspended for, among other things, making trips to Afghanistan and Pakistan and, oh, by the way, spending time at terrorist training camps. One-fifth of the 83,000 employees are Muslim, according the the International Herald-Tribune.

If you have Naples on uour itinerary, think again. They're in the grips of a mafia war. Romano Prodi, leftwing Prime Minister, is considering sending in troops to quell the violence.

Doing time isn't so bad in the Netherlands. You just pay someone to do serve your sentence. Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Balin: It's a person permutation or incorrect data. Really???

In what should be a preview for the EU, Russia is doubling the price of gas they sell to Georgia. This, after a diplomatic spat. They have promised, sorta, not to cut off supplies of electricity or gas as they did to the Ukraine last year. In mid winter.

In Spain, a judge ruled downloading music was legal as long as it was for private purposes. In response, the government is drafing a new law to abolish the right to personal copies of material. On the side of the people, as usual.

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