Thursday, November 30, 2006

State Department
More State Department misconduct. that a blogger nails perfectly. Read the whole thing. He's got more information than you can find in the AP story mindlessly and shamefully reprinted in newspapers who are too damned lazy to do their own research.

Just Wondering
Why is it that when Europhiles at the State Department are speaking they never mention European reality? Possibly because most of them are so enamored with Socialism that the impact, the reality of it, is something they feel is as an acceptable cost. In Germany, the good news is that unemployment fell to -- get this -- 10.2%

Donald Trump does Scotland. (The commenters aren't impressed.)

More joys from having a Marxist president. Or as one commenter put it, "The people must be WISHING they were still living under the old apartheid government of Ian Smith's........"

Proposition A Upheld
In San Diego, they voted 75% for Proposition A transferring Mount Soledad cross to the Federal government in order to save it. It's been a battle since 1989. Today an appellate court upheld the Proposition.

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