Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Briefly Noted

Britain In the continuing probe of the death of Alexander Litvinenko, authorities have found traces of radiation on two British Airways has found jets. The jets were grounded.

Mexico Violence continues in Mexico. This time, in Mexico's Congress. In Tijuana, two more police officers were gunned down. That brings to twelve the number of law enforcment officials killed in Tijuana just since September. In Monterey, the police chief, a councilman, were just a few of the officials murdered or beheaded in the last four months.

The Disney Folks - - just in time for the holidays, folks -- Danny DeVito on The View talking about "wrecking" the Lincoln Bedroom when he and his wife were guests of Bill Clinton. In his drunken appearance on The View -- ironically plugging his Christmas movie for kids -- he fondly recalled that he and and his wife "utilized" (had sex) e-v-e-r-y place in that that bedroom.

Ford Motor Nearly half of Ford's unionized workers have accepted buyouts. In all, 38,000 accepted the offer. Another 34,000 had accepted buyouts over this last summer. Ford plans to mortgage most of its assets in North America. . As security to refinance loans

Scotland The joys of socialized medicine includes a 265-day wait for cancer treatment.

Blogosphere Who is Jamil?

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