Friday, November 03, 2006

Angry as Hell

The Wall Street Journal pulls no punches with Acorn , the liberal activist group.
In reality, Acorn is a union-backed, multimillion-dollar outfit that uses intimidation and other tactics to push for higher minimum wage mandates and to trash Wal-Mart and other non-union companies. Operating in at least 38 states (as well as Canada and Mexico), Acorn pushes a highly partisan agenda, and its organizers are best understood as shock troops for the AFL-CIO and even the Democratic Party.
Four Acorn workers have been indicted in Missouri.
Acorn workers have been convicted in Wisconsin.
Acorn workers have been convicted in Colorado.
Investigations are under way in Ohio, Tennessee and Pennsylvania.
As part of the Fannie Mae reform bill, House Democrats pushed an "affordable housing trust fund" designed to use Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac profits to subsidize Acorn, among other groups.
So why is Houston Mayor Bill White teaming with Acorn?

The Employment Policies Institute (EPI) alleges fraud in 12 states in a recent report.
Terence Scanlon, president of the respected Capital Research Center, details some of their 2004 activities.

So why hasn't the Justice Department done more about this before? And why are our media so intent on playing gotcha political games when our political process is being corrupted?

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