Sunday, November 05, 2006

Good for Stephen Harper

Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper has decided against attending a planned Canada-EU summit. The meeting was to have been held on Nov 27 in Finland. Most news stories report "critics slam" and "annoyed European Union leaders". But you know it's mostly annoying to the critics in the media.

On Friday, Britain and Germany announced that global warming would be at the top of the international agenda. It was clearly going to be a means to pressure Harper into the global emission trading scheme that they hope will yield them trillions of dollars. And, as Christopher Monckton in the Sunday Telegraph, puts it,
Last week, Gordon Brown and his chief economist both said global warming was the worst "market failure" ever. That loaded soundbite suggests that the "climate-change" scare is less about saving the planet than, in Jacques Chirac's chilling phrase, "creating world government".
Read the whole thing.

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