Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Worth Remembering

I had forgotten about Mel Reynolds. In the comment section a commenter noted something I hadn't heard mentioned previously:
Underage? Get the facts straight...

The age of consent in the District of Columbia is 16, so neither this particular page or any other in the program were or are "underage" while within the limits of DC. The only time the age limit of 18 comes into play is if both parties are located in the same state which recognizes 18 as its age of consent, or state lines are crossed either by one of the individuals or the communication (assuming the CONTENT of which is criminal). The ONLY issues related to the information so far released involve a potentially improper and unethical (but not illegal) relationship between a senior and a subordinate and possibly some type of sexual harrassment claim which the page is clearly uninterested in pursuing. More information or evidence will probably come to light in the very near future, but in it's absence it would be nice to see this story accurately reported. Don't get me wrong, I am not in any way sorry that Mark Foley resigned his seat. But words such as "underage" and "pedophile" have no place in this story unless new evidence clearly supports their usage.
It's true

All the more reason why the Page program should be eliminated, DisneyNewsABC should apologize for the invasion of privacy in printing consentual IMs, and the Drive By media should just admit to a bias where Democrats actually have sex with campaign workers, interns, and pages without criticism and Republicans who don't are lynched.

It won't happen anytime soon. When the Democrats and the Drive By media are wholly supportive of a former KKK member in the Senate, you just can't expect decency.

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