Friday, October 27, 2006

In your dreams, pal

Human Rights Campaigners The Drive-By Media are agitating for a "small arms" treaty to be enacted by a U.N. treaty.  They are, of course, opposed by the evil U.S.   And then there's all those gun crazy American bastards.
The National Rifle Association in the past has strongly opposed UN efforts at crafting a treaty to curb private ownership of small arms.
It's an Associated Press story.   But it's echoed by AFP, Reuters, and Reuters.  And it's backed by all those Nobel Peace Prize Laureates!!!!  

The U.N. that wants to regulate small arms worldwide is the same one that stood by in Rwanda (800,000) and is twiddling in Darfur while the body count goes up daily.

This is the same organization whose Human Rights Commission was so disreputable that they had to disband it.

This is the same U.N. that would regulate small arms that allowed Yassir Arafat to addres them with a, you guessed it, a small arm strapped to his hip.

These are the same people who applauded and cheered Hugo Chave's insane rant.

And those Human Rights Campaigners who do not protest homocide bombers in Israel or scream in outrage at the daily bombing of innocents in Bagdad, well, they are indignant that people might, just might, have the means to defend themselves.

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