Tuesday, October 31, 2006

European Briefs - all the news I can stand to read from there

EU CONSTITUTION   The EU "constitution" got a setback yesterday when the German Federal Constitutional Court refused to rule on whether the draft conformed with German's constitution.  With no referendum mechanism in Germany, the German parliament voted for it in 2005.  However, it hasn't been signed and any ruling will be delayed until 2009.  Merkel had plans to promote the "constitution" - really a treaty to cede complete national sovereignty to a bureaucracy no one can challenge.

DEMOGRAPHIC CRISIS    In the meantime, the EU has responded to the challenge of the demographic crisis Europe is facing by - you guessed it - holding a conference.  It, of course, keeps the politicos occupied.

LEFTIST WRITER INTERVIEWED  John le Carré is the pen name of David Cornwell.   Interviewed by Radio Netherlands.  Scroll to key quotes at bottom.  Dutch Radio is famous for their interviews, including one with Noam Chomsky.   Just once it would be nice if they interviewed someone who didn't hate the U.S.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION  Of 125 Chinese students admitted to Belgium on student visas, only 20 of them showed up at the University of Liège.   No explanation of what the DDAD filtering process is.  Not even Goggle had a clue.

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