Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fiddling while Rome....

Mark Foley engaging in IM sex is one of those feigns that allows the Drive-By media to distract, distort, and redirect.  It isn't telling you what to think.  It's telling you what to think about.   And what not to think about.

Oct 4 2006 2006  Rice implores world to open Darfur to U.N.
Oct 4 2006   UN and muslims clash over Darfur

Iran Developing Nuclear Weapons
Oct 3 2006  Hoping to enlist French help

North Korea
Oct 3 2006 North Korea plans nuclear test
Oct 4 2006   China and South Korea warn North Korea against nuclear tests
Oct 4 2006 U.S. detects nuclear test site activity
Oct 4 2006   China tells North Korea to step back from brink

Sept 17 2006  Czech Foreign Minister criticizes Cuba over human rights.
Sept 27 2006 U.N. expert cites Cuban censorship
Sep 28 2006  U.N. Official Criticizes Cuba's Human Rights Record
Sept 29, 2006   Russia extends $350 million credit to Cuba.
Oct 2 2006   Former President Vaclav Havel fights for human rights, especially in Cuba.

Human Trafficking
Sept 26 2006   Entertainer Ricky Martin works to combat Human Trafficking.
Sep 29 2006   Long Island woman gets 10 years for human trafficking
Oct 2 2006  U.S. Ambassador urges Manila to act on human trafficking.

Sep 29 2006   Daniel Ortega, "former Marxist" on the comeback trail

4 Oct 2005   Chavez closed deal with Russia for $3 billion in arms
Oct 3 2006 Rumsfeld concerned over Venezuela arms build up

Sep 30 2006   Russia and Georga spy row spirals out of control

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