Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Business Investor's Daily asks what I have wondered. It especially makes you curious about a page terms an e-mail "sick" and sends it off last year to lots of interesting people as noted below.

From New York Times-owned International Herald this story about the e-mail.
Meanwhile, Florida newspapers — who were leaked copies of the e-mail with the Louisiana boy last year — defended their decision not to run stories. Both The St. Petersburg Times and The Miami Herald were given copies of the e-mail, as were other news organizations, including Fox News.

"Our decision at the time was ... that because the language was not sexually explicit and was subject to interpretation, from innocuous to 'sick,' as the page characterized it, to be cautious," said Tom Fiedler, executive editor of the Herald.   "Given the potentially devastating impact that a false suggestion of pedophilia could have on anyone, not to mention a congressman known to be gay, and lacking any corroborating information, we chose not to do a story."
If they didn't run with the story, why would the Republican leadership not feel the same way?

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