Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bleak prospects in Europe Berlin is bankrupt with a 17% unemployment rate. Airbus is so cash strapped that they are talking about laying off workers despite their unions and political interference, so cash strapped that Russia bailed the company out by buying a 5% stake in EADS. Spain is swamped by illegal immigration, the only country to admit it.

Meanwhile, Europeans are going to save the world's climate after they clean up the mess they made in the Ivory Coast. The EU is turning to Russia for gas and oil amid worries about reliability (Russia cut off the Ukraine last winter and Europe was briefly without as a pipeline was shut.) and political costs. They're just now figuring out Russia isn't trustworthy and still might be communist. (Ya think?) France is looking at a increased mob violence threat from their unassimilated muslim youth.

Italy is run by a 9-party coalition that is rapidly losing support. Poland's coastguard fired warning shots at two German ships. German ship kidnapped 3 customs officers.

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