Monday, October 02, 2006

ABC News -- Isn't

From ABC World News (under the banner flashing "Say Good Morning America") nine pages of transcript of the instant messages between Foley and an anonymous page.

(The New York Times advertising link is totally appropriate.)

Reads like some young kid leading a sickly obsessed gay guy around.   The fact that the kid reportedly saved the messages is probably significant.   Equally significant is the BRIAN ROSS INVESTIGATES: "Do You Have Info About Foley's Contact With Pages? E-Mail Us Via Our Secured Server."

If Foley wasn't a Republican, he would be re-electable like Gerry Studds.   Or a celebrity like Robin Williams (fresh from alcohol rehab and proud of his cocaine and alchohol rahab in the 1980s.)   Or there's George Michael  (rearrested for drugs)   - no mention of the repeated gay sex trolling. Then there is the "Candid Chat with Mark Wahlberg" who
led a life characterized by incidents of petty crime, drug dealing and racism.

He harassed a group of African American school kids with racist epithets, and when he was 16, again using racist language, he attacked a middle-aged Vietnamese man and left the man blind in one eye. Wahlberg was arrested for attempted murder, plead guilty to assault, and spent 45 days in jail.
All forgiven because, well, he's a celebrity.   He didn't talk dirty to a page.   He only tried to murder someone and left a man blind in one eye.   The "racial epithets," however, was probably really bad to ABC.  To heck with the drug dealing, there's "Racism" and "using racial epithets" and "again using racist language."   The attempted murder.. well   heck, no big thing.

Every one of those stories was featured on the front page of ABC World News web site.   And only Foley was "irredeemable"   in "Running to Rehab" - "But experts caution that what might work for a celebrity might not work for others in the public eye."   Yeah.   Unless they are Republican.


Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding. You are actually DEFENDING this guy? The only appropriate response for anyone is disgust, not bringing up Mark Walberg, who by the way, wasn't trying to pass legislation preventing adults from preying on teens over the internet.

demabloggery said...

unbelievable. Are those guys pretending to be the righteous hand of God? NO....

Mediaskeptic said...

Calling someone "sickly obsessed" isn't condemning Foley? Get real.

A dirty conversation is one thing, driving a young woman to her death looks a little worse, don't you think? Unless, of course, you voted for Ted Kennedy. The hypocrisy of ABC is absolutely ... I was gonna say stunning, but none of us is remotely even suprised.