Friday, January 27, 2006

Truth triumphs

An article in the Toronto Star by Mitch Potter was posted at It included a description of Jimmy Carter as "At 81, clear-eyed and calm, America's most beloved ex-president..." In one of those wonders of the Internet, Ldotters emailed the author, challenging him on "most beloved" and, apparently, he found their ridicule so deflating that he accused them of defaming him. (See entry 30) He emailed to tell them that he did not write that Carter was "beloved." It was added by an editor at the paper.

Reply 33 - Peter Martyn, Deputy Foreign Editor, The Toronto Star confirmed that "beloved ex-president" was added during editing and decried "personal attacks - flaming" on "our writers". Reply 38 from the Toronto Star Public Editor called it the "offending phrase" and accused "someone on the desk" and asked Lucianne to post her correction. Lucianne did, but would not remove any posts.

I suspect that thin-skinned journalists and writers at the Toronto Star will be, like those retards at the New York Times, behind a subscription wall soon.

In the end, however, the Toronto Star removed the "offending phrase."

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