Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tamil Tigers and leftwing media

Another sue-for-peace-while-we-re-arm-and-reorganize, aided and abetted by, who else?

The Tamil Tigers - a terrorist organization, although they are not so described in this article - are stalling in "peace talks" in Switzerland.   The talks were brokered by Eric Solheim, described as "a Norwegian envoy."   Clearly, the Globe and Mail and our American Associated Press should Google Solheim, who had, for a number of years been, "chairman of the Socialist Left Party in Norway." Bio

Even Wikipedia could have educated the AP and the Globe somewhat on the Socialist Left Party whose party program for 2005-2009 is "the United States is the greatest threat to world peace".

Google Tamil Tigers terrorist and see if you think the Globe and Mail, like other leftwing media, are ignorant or just hauling water for terrorism.   If you had any doubt that the Tamil Tigers were Lenin Left, the leftwing World Council of Churches is urging peace talks.   And this is the reality of the Tamil Tigers.

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