Saturday, January 14, 2006

Time for a change

The Globe and Mail has, astonishingly, backed Steven Harper for the election in this editorial.

It isn't a change of heart. Entitlement and corruption haven't bothered them in the last twelve years. And Paul Martin's ineptness has not been a source of concern for them either. The fact is, the Liberals are undoubtedly going to lose the election. The Globe and Mail folks just don't want to be on the wrong side of history.

Had they expressed any of their fears or disgust at the Liberals any time in the past it would have been a clear sign for Martin to reign in the greed and push for accountability. The Globe and Mail didn't. It's only when it is clear that the Canadian public has had enough that the paper can posture, calling, for example, for a steadying of relations with the United States that boggles the mind. There isn't a day that the Globe isn't rabidly anti-American, so this new desire for better relations is remarkably cynical. And to accuse Canadian ministers of waving a Kyoto agreement mimicking their own excuse to bash the U.S. is nothing short of laughable.

I do not believe, as does Peaktalk, that the media were just disallusioned idealists. They would dearly like to so describe themselves as victims as much as we were of corruption. But in the last 20 years, the media in Canada, like the media in the U.S., have not sheltered the Leftists who dominate the Liberal party in Canada and the Democrat party in the U.S. They have driven the parties in that direction, eschewing the input of constituents, assigning to them the role of the Governed. It takes a peculiar mindset to create law from an unelected judiciary. Call it what it is. Totalitarian media who have been, up to now, unopposed. Victims? I don't think so! Disallusioned idealists? No. Just hacks with brown shirt aspirations to browbeat anyone who disagreed with them whether they were Boy Scouts, parents, the religious, or elected government. In short, they were and still are, enemies of the state, enemies of democracy.

In case any of us have forgotten. Did you ever think you would see such pictures in the United States?

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