Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Dutiful People

Michael Barone on "The Beautiful People vs. The Dutiful People" comparing Alito's experience in growing up in Hamilton Township, N.J. and Princeton and makes this observattion.
Our universities today have become our most intellectually corrupt institutions. University administrators must lie and deny that they use racial quotas and preferences in admissions, when they devote much of their energy to doing just that. They must pledge allegiance to diversity, when their campuses are among the least politically diverse parts of our society, with speech codes that penalize dissent and sometimes violent suppression of conservative opinion.
And he makes this observation of Judge Alito.
Judge Alito, I think, is a better example of the things that American universities before his time stood for: intellectual excellence, free inquiry, civility in the face of disagreement, commitment to patriotism.
You only have to consider Ward Churchill to know that that civility, that love of intellectual inquiry, and the decency that used to be found at our universities has been replaced by intolerance and dishonesty and a depressing cult of anti-Christian, anti-American bigotry.

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