Friday, July 14, 2006

Los Angeles Times and Hezbollah

When a former Los Angeles Times journalist tells you that the Los Angeles Times is out to get President Bush, the pretense in the MSM becomes ridiculous.

Reich is an avid supporter of the Times, which makes this admission damning:
In fact, there is a sheen of anti-Semitism on the Times editorial pages, either the responsibility of Martinez or Op-Ed Page editor Nick Goldberg, whose wife, Amy Wilentz, is pro-Palestinian, and who claims to be neutral in the Arab-Israeli conflict.
Wilentz was (in 2004) an associate professor of journalism at Columbia University and is a contributing editor at the Nation and From 1995 through 1998, she was Jerusalem correspondent for The New Yorker, Deputy business editor, Newsday, and staff writer, Time, all liberal left publications. Bio You only have to google her and read her writings to know her sympathies. And their friends from the Nation.

However, none of this is a Tribune thing. Before Martinez and Goldberg, there was the rabidly Leftwing Robert Scheer who had the role of advocating for terrorism in the Los Angeles Times while married to a Times-Mirror Vice President at the paper.

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