Thursday, July 27, 2006

Israeli-Hezbollah war

It's bizarre but it's how the Left thinks.   Ian Williams writing in Asia Times on the Israeli-Hezbollah war that makes absolutely no mention of the terrorist group.

Then there is Ralph Nader acting for who wants to hold the U.S. responsible for Israeli "war crimes." without once mentioning Hezbollah or terrorism.  

It makes you wonder how divorced from reality you have to be to write your own history.

Of course, Williams, it was revealed by Accuracy in Media, has been taking money from the UN while covering the UN for The Nation and other media.   This former British labor union official and speech writer for Neil Kinnock has a sideline in training UN representatives "in media handling" and
The UN's training section also called upon him to help with training senior officials at HQ.
Appararently he also produces booklets for UN agencies.

Impartial, huh?

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