Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Kyoto Scam

Spain has already acknowledged, like Canada, that they cannot reach the Kyoto targets. Unlike Canada, however, Spain is planning on spending EUR 3 billion to buy "emission rights" - in effect "paying cash to pump CO2 and other harmful gases into the atmosphere."

What this amounts to is transfer of wealth from Spanish taxes on Spanish citizens and businesses to emission credit countries like Russia.   Of course the entire program will not be audited at either end, which is the beauty of the scam.   You could call it an International Socialism Tax.   All overseen, of course, by the French.
Emission rights can be traded at Powernext, a special exchange based in Paris that was set up on Jun. 24, 2005, which operates a market to enable trading carbon dioxide certificates for cash.
There are other mechanisms and schemes in place for the monetary exchanges.   But all you have to know about it is that A) It is an unvoted-for tax on citizens that will enable corrupt governments to B) transfer wealth to other nations without benefit of audit or oversight or citizen approval. And C) the Kyoto goals will do little if nothing to affect global temperatures, which makes the whole enterprise a scam.

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