Thursday, July 13, 2006


Kentucky Derby horse Barbaro has not recovered from the injuries at the Preakness. It's always sad when a beautiful animal might have to be put down.

Still, I find it wierd that well-wishers sent thousands of emails of "concern and support" and vistors to the Center have brought cards, flowers, gifts and goodies.   Maybe it's me, but a what do you bring an ailing horse?   A stuffed Cabbage Patch doll? And what do you write in the card? "Get well soon. We're betting on you."?

What has happened that people want to place teddy bears and stuffed animals at impromptu memorial sites for the dead or injured or leave cellophaned flowers at such sites as if they need to publiclyaffirm their sentimentality for others to see?   Maybe it's because they no longer pray?   I don't know, but I find it unsettling.

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