Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hizbollah / Hezbollah

This will go under-reported in our MSM. "Saudi Arabia blames Hizbollah in Lebanon crisis" and the concluding sentence will not appear above the fold in any major media outlet.

But most amazing of all, is the description of Hizbollah by Reuters as a "guerilla group" and "fighters" and "a group backed by Syria and Iran." Not once mentioning that Hizbollah is a terrorist group with a history so violent that even the Israeli-hating, American-loathing E.U. has condemned them as terrorists.

UPDATE: To terrorist-loving Associated Press, this would be dire:
Trying to defuse the crisis, Lebanon's prime minister indicated he might send his army to take control of southern Lebanon from Hezbollah -- a move that might risk civil war
The fact that a terrorist organization is openly tolerated within Lebanon, indeed accepted as part of the Lebanese government, forced upon the Lebanese by virtue of an 18-year Syrian occupation, says clearly that the civil war wasn't won in the first place.

A sign of encouragement is the fact that Saudi Arabia has refused to join the "let the United Nations handle it" crowd who hope the U.N. will consolidate and preserve Hezbollah's position.

We may yet win this war against terrorism if only because we are slowly shattering the driveby media means of protecting terrorist organizations.

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