Friday, December 16, 2005


Wonderfully coherent David Warren on the "climate change" activists meeting (article written Dec. 3rd) in Montreal.
They are deeply invested in the idea that a human-compounded global climate disaster, which only they can understand, can be prevented only if the world's taxpayers surrender money and power on a planetary scale, to the care and feeding of themselves and their kind.
He understands the futility, if not the silliness. And he has this prediction: "These people will not give up, however. There is too much money and power to be grabbed."

Of course they won't give up. Not when there are 10,000 attendees at the conference, all of whom hope to benefit materially from the plan that, in a nutshell, allows (or forces) some governments to buy pollution credits from Russia, thereby transferring western wealth to the Russian mafia-run government. Chief cheerleader, if not co-architects, are Canadian in citizenship whose chief friendship with the Russians is that they share criminal intents.

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