Friday, December 16, 2005


Time-Warner cable is leaping right in there with family friendly alternative cable service. It will include Disney Channel, C-SPAN2, HGTV, CNN Headline News and the Weather Channel. A sure fire way to attract families. /sarcasm off

Parents Television Council President L. Brent Bozell summed it up nicely. "It is perfectly obvious Time Warner is deliberately offering a product designed to fail." Yes, and they get one Time-Warner station and HGTV which is more and more known as Homosexual and Gay couples redecorate on TV. Just the fare you want your kids to watch. It's no bargain either. At $13 a month, the cable company will probably realize $12 in profit. And, as Bozell points out, Time-Warner assumes that families don't want sports, or religious programming, or classic movies. Or, I might add, FOXnews. Or the Hallmark channel. Or the Disney Family channel. (although I wouldn't want that channel either.) WAM or the NASA channel, or Discovery, or National Geographic. Or a host of program suitable for family viewing.

For those people who are still cable captives, and that includes most poor urban families, it amounts to the dis-education of poor black Americans. Just as blacks in New Orleans were so mired in poverty that they could not move elsewhere, doomed to unemployment and government dependence, crippled by hopelessness, Time-Warner is still herding for the Liberal Plantation.

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