Friday, December 23, 2005


It's all their fault.   Microsoft, that is.   It's their fault that The Preciouss MSNBC has "lagged behind Fox News Channel and CNN in the ratings race for years."   At least that is what the New York Times implies in this absurd article about the breakup of Microsoft and NBC in cable channel MSNBC.

Allegedly, (<-- journalistic device to denote scepticism) NBC executives complained they did not have enough control of the budget to market their programs and hire the right talent.   YEAH RIGHT <-- conversational device to denote scepticism)   Now that NBC is "squarely in control" we can expect great things I imagine.

Microsoft has been negotiating to leave the partnership for several years, not just this last year.   It has been downright disastrous for Microsoft with "hundreds of millions [of dollars] in losses".   Had the Times written the story honestly, they might have noted that, and the fact that the only profitable side of the venture has been, the online news site.   Only Variety mentions that.     (But The Preciouss must be protected!)

Microsoft will continue the 50-50 partnership in

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