Friday, September 22, 2006

The Value of Life

If you think the current War on Terrorism is a new thing, it's probably because you don't remember the daily acts of violence in the mid to late 1960s through the 1980s.   They included plane hijackings, explosive devices at airports, and systematic kidnappings, mutilations and murders, bank robbery to finance the endeavors and widespread terrorism, mostly in Europe.

Christian Klar was a member of the terrorist Red Army Faction (RAF) who was convicted in 1985 for nine killings and 11 counts of attempted murder.   He was sentenced to life imprisonment that apparently only means 21 years because Germany will be pardoning him soon.

Twenty-one years for nine murders and 11 attempted counts of murder.   Such is the accomodation of Germany with terrorists.   In all, the RAF killed 30 people (not counting bodyguards, bystanders or others) in what Deutsche Welle calls an "armed struggle against the Western German state."   Eight other RAF members have been released from prison, a move strangely similar to the Labour release of hundreds of IRA terrorists and the pardoning of Puerto Rican terrorists by Bill Clinton.  

What is there about terrorism that Liberals and the Left do not understand?   The answer is: nothing.   They understand very well that terrorism is a proxy war against the West.   It is a war that Liberals and the Left condone.   How else do you explain the embrace of Yassir Arafat, a man who systematically murdered every single opponent to his leadership?   How else do you explain the release of murderers like Christian Klar?

Liberals will be aghast and appalled to be accused of being soft on terrorism, let alone beind accused of condoning it.   But their actions make a lie of their words.

For background on the Red Army Faction, see link.

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