Friday, September 29, 2006

Mark Foley, sexual addict

Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla, won his last race with 65% of the vote.   Today he resigned less than six weeks before the election that probably would have sent him back.

The gay Congressman resigned after release of his obscene text messages to a former male Capitol page who was 16 at the time.   The St. Petersburg Times had the story last November but did not publish until today in time for the election.  

It's another reason why gays are not welcome in intelligence service or in the military.   Or in public service.  (Think James McGreevey, NJ)  The obsessive nature of homosexuality, especially male homosexuality, is both morally reprehensible and pathetic.  Celebrity gays like George Michael who trolls in parks for anonymous sex and takes his encounters to public restrooms and politicians like James McGreevey, D-NJ,   Gerry Studds, D-MA, and Foley demean humanity by with their sick addictions to cheap thrills.

Good riddance.


MEPHISTO said...

I think you are right when you say the homosexuals are obsessive and is even funny how the gay people, who for so long they fight for the gay right can destroy all his progress with the acts of just one of them, I thik is part of their culture, you can`t think about their nature because the homosexuality is against nature, so, human at least they are almost obligate to destroy themselves.

Mediaskeptic said...

Sexual addiction, whether it is a female school teacher, a politician, or a celebrity should all be condemned.

The media, however, seems to be selectively outraged, reserving their invasion of privacy for political targets.   Just a few weeks ago Dems in Congress were outraged at the idea of wiretaps in the interests of national security, yet they have no problem with the release of private text messages -- and then, only one side of the "conversation."   Similarly, the Dems were not bothered by Jim McDermott's release of a mobile phone conversation, a violation that was clearly illegal.

Sexual addiction is ugly and a whether it is James McGreevey or Mark Foley, they are unfit for office.   It's a mark of the tolerance of our drive by media that the sexual misconduct isn't so objectionable as is the choice of a political party.