Saturday, September 16, 2006

BBC Idiocy

Hypercritical as only the BBC can be when they want to skewer someone, the Blairs are obviously out of favor.  

The headline screams, "Cherie Blair in boy 'slap' probe."   The subhead: "Cherie Blair has been investigated by police over claims that she motioned to slap a 17-year-old boy."   The story, however, is absurd.   Six detectives were sent to investigate after "officials from the child Protection in Sport Unit complained to police."

A teenage kid made rabbit ears behind her head and Cherie Blair took a playful swipe at him.   Only with the collusion of the rabid BBC could something so stupid be made an issue.   What any respectable news outlet should do is sneer at the officials from the Child Protection Unit who complained.  

No wonder we block BBC America.

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