Saturday, September 23, 2006

President of the World pt II

There really is a divide in this country.   You only have to read the rough transcript of Chris Wallace's interview of Bill Clinton and THEN read the comments.

It is, of course, a "progressive" site, i.e.- lefty liberal.   Even so, the disconnect from reality is disconcerting.   Especially weird is 103 - who asserts that he is not American but noticed "the rest of the world dislikes America but loves your ex-president."   Considering that the "rest of the world" applauds and cheers the likes of Hugo Chavez as he appeared at the United Nations, endorses Marxist Robert Mugabe's killing rages in Zimbabwe, embraces Fidel Castro's murderous regime in Cuba, and finds no fault with China nor North Korea, not to mention, the President of Bolivia, a coca grower, a United Nations where Libya is honored by the Human Rights Commission, isn't horrified by civilian deaths by homocide bombings, wants to save our whole climate and yet isn't moved to stop genocide in Darfur -- considering who and what the "rest of the world" finds perfectly acceptable -- their embrace of Bill Clinton isn't exactly something Democrats ought to be proud of or cheering over.

It is, of course, something to actually be cheered about when you consider just how low the Liberals have to go to find support in this world.  

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