Thursday, June 23, 2005

Newsday fraud arrests

Sounds like a happy retirement. At least if you read the headline. The headline is "Circulation scam figure selling home" Louis Sito, as Newsday notes, selling his home and "leaving town as well" and moving "South." By "South" you wonder if it is Brazil, considering that Sito is one of the few circulation figures at Newsday not indicted for fraud. At least not yet, which makes you wonder if he isn't shopping for a home in a non-extradictable country.

You have to read wayyyy down the article, however, to note that Sito is accused of getting kickbacks and "loans" from subcontractors who helped perpetuate the scam fraud. Less clear, and neither the Newsday reporter or editor, thought to mention was why Sito's attorney has so many, ah, odd connections.

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