Thursday, June 07, 2007

Nothing illustrates the deficiencies of socialized state health care more than Adolfo (Tony) Flora. He was infected with hepatits from tainted blood in 1973. He was diagnosed with with liver cancer in 1999. He was told there were no viable treatment options and was given six months to live.

But he didn't die.
Flora refused to accept the death sentence and travelled to England for a transplant that saved his life. Now 57, he is free of hepatitis and cancer although his health must still be monitored.

However, the treatment in Britain cost more than $400,000 and OHIP has refused to compensate him, Kahnert said.

Flora sued the province but in January lost his case before the Ontario Divisional Court.
He is now appealing the ruling, leaving him with significant court costs, Kahnert said.
Supporters are planning a concert to try to raise funds for him.

Sounds like the Soviet Union, doesn't it? It's Canada.

CBC on the tainted blood scandal. Here In several provinces you can check out the waiting times online, in case you want to gamble on, say, that cancer or that heart condition going away on its own without surgery.

I just know I want to trust my life with a Ministry of Health.

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