Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Man of the Cloth Press Conference

In a first, Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahoney, was ordered by a judge to testify in a "in a lawsuit alleging that he failed to protect parishioners from a pedophile teacher."

In a city where radio ads are heard daily criticizing the Catholic Church, and Mahoney in particular, in "How DARE you!"ads condemning the church for opposition to Right to Die, it wasn't unexpected.

It's very easy to criticize Mahoney. He takes sides on every issue, usually on the wrong side, and is one of the most political devisive religious figures in the country. He demeans religion with his self-righteous involvement in "social justice issues" and his arrogance is unbecoming for a religious figure. Frankly, he deserves the disrespect. The fact that he's extending that contempt to the whole church is the problem.

The Los Angeles Times continues to call priests accused of sexual involvement with underage youths "pedophiles" despite the fact that all the sex contacts were homosexual. However, calling them "homosexual priests" just isn't on the Los Angeles Times' agenda.

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